Our Programs

The Greenlands Reserve is a statewide nonprofit land trust, designed to provide public benefit by preserving open space and encouraging conservation values, including landscapes, scenery, public access, and wildlife habitat. We have created programs to meet conservation needs in three geographic regions; the Arkansas River Valley, the High Plains of eastern Colorado, and the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Preserving Mountains and Forests-Forest health is important to a sustainable mountain landscape. Our mountain areas are under development pressures that compromise water quality, forest diversity, wildlife, and scenic values. Preserving forest and mountain ecosystems is essential for wildlife habitat in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Saving a River - We are preserving a mile-wide, 140 mile long corridor along the Lower Arkansas River to protect this waterway’s natural meandering state, while emphasizing healthy riparian habitat, enhanced public access, scenic views, and agricultural heritage. Growth on the front range area is increasing water demands in the Arkansas Valley and threatening its agricultural heritage.

Protecting a Way-of-Life - We help farmers and ranchers protect Colorado's agricultural heritage.  While it is not our role to save the family farm, it is our mission to promote the sustainability of farms and ranches, while preserving rural landscapes for the benefit of all Coloradans.

Preserving Mountains And Forests

Forest health plans will be a part of many future conservation easement deeds we hold on forested land. In 2007, Greenlands' Forest Preservation Program received funding from the Colorado State Forest Service for help with its Straight Creek Forest Restoration Project.  Mitigating the Mountain Pine Beetleis also an important focus of our program. Our  meets regularly to discuss ways to cope with the pine beetle problem.

Protecting our Ranchland Heritage

Our second program is called “Protecting A Way-of-Life”. This program identifies farmers and ranchers as an endangered species. Low prices paid for agricultural products, the high cost of equipment and materials, the aging of the farm, and ranch work-force, while younger generations seek more sustainable and lucrative employment opportunities, as well as competition from corporate agriculture, all threaten the survival of the family farm and ranch.

Saving A River

The Arkansas River is the mainstay of Southeastern Colorado. It provides water, a critical wildlife corridor, recreation, a sense of connection, and a regional history. It is among the most appropriated rivers in the United States. Water is diverted for agriculture, commercial and domestic purposes. The Arkansas River is threatened by insufficient flows and encroachment.

We are preserving a mile-wide, 140 mile-long Lower Arkansas River corridor to protect the river in its relatively natural meandering; state along with its riparian habitat, public access, and views, and agricultural heritage.